Jumat, 11 April 2008

Makassar Art Forum

Link yang bermanfaat. Memberi warna lain tentang Makassar yang imagenya dibangun TV sebagai kota kekerasan, kota demonstrasi mahasiswa, dan kota kelaparan.


The cultural growth and development in the South Sulawesi region has experienced a process of plurality that gave birth to our values. This plurality has existed in our society for many centuries, through the local art/culture having had intensive interaction between several countries. We have also witnessed and experienced the global demands from mass media inputs (printed and electronic) that, with such speedy means of transmission, make the cultural region of Indonesia a place of intensive exchange and alteration.

With this change and alteration we must always be on the alert in wise and critical ways so as to be aware of the influences that these external factors have upon our society. Looking at these statements and being aware that the macro condition of a political and economic crisis also really influences the art/cultural environment, it makes it necessary to raise and continue to develop the plurality of art/culture that is in our region. Here we need a formulation, or more precisely a cultural strategy that is made not only to anticipate, but more than that, to conceive a cultural process from a strategy that we create ourselves. Composition spaces that are creative and critical are a prime base that can be applied for the good of our community. An example of these spaces is current traditions that already give blessing and thanks and wisdom. A composition process in the art/cultural region that possesses the capacity to receive differences with the creative criticism mentioned will likewise create and strengthen that art/cultural region through having the characteristics of a melting pot.

Tribun Timur,
Surat Kabar Terbesar di Makassar


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