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KPI Award, ANTV Borong 3 dari 5 Kategori

Wah, ANTV berjaya nih.

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The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) announced the winners of
the first KPI Award last Tuesday (19/03). The 2007 KPI Award was
established to reward TV stations and producers that have provided the
best programs for the public. The Award consists of five categories,
namely children's program, documentary, soap opera (sinetron),
investigative news and talk show.

Hopefully, the award will spur our TV stations to begin competing to
provide the public with more educative and positive entertainment,
rather than a mere ratings fight against each other.

As far as I'm concerned, ratings had resulted in programs that focus
on criminality, mysticism and pornography for the public. Yes, the
public enjoy such programs, but are these kinds of programs in the
public's best interests?

One important thing to note was that the KPI Award was conducted hand
in hand with the Association for Private TV Stations in Indonesia
(ATVSI) and aired live by TVOne. This is an achievement by itself.

Such commitment by the industry would indeed help KPI's effort in
assuring the public with better quality TV programs. I'm just hoping
that the collaboration for KPI Awards was not another plot by the
industry to elude network television required by the broadcasting law
(which should've been implemented at the end of 2007) or to suppress
the issue of ownership monopoly.

The KPI Award ceremony itself was carried out in a manner typical of
our TV stations' variety shows. It was professionally managed yet
featured too many dances and singers. Sitting on the last row of
Crowne Plaza Ballroom that night, I feel that the KPI Award was aimed
at entertaining the public rather than positioning the event as an
effort to recognize the achievements by our national TV stations.

Nevertheless, Anteve managed to swoop prizes in three categories. Here
are the winners by categories:

Children's: 'Surat Untuk Sahabat' episode 'Cerita dari Pagar Utara
Indonesia' by TransTV
Documentary: 'Teropong' Episode 'Jalanan, Pilihan Ekstrim Mereka' by Indosiar
Sinetron: 'I-Sinema' episode 'Siapa Sayang Lila' by ANTV
Investigative News: 'Telisik' Episode 'Bisnis Narkoba dalam Penjara by ANTV
Talkshow: 'Topik Kita' episode 'Aliran Sesat' by ANTV.

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