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Universal SD/HD content playout and streaming. 24/7 unattended operation, MPEG2, HDV and DV compression scalability, large variety of sources supported, hardware independency are the typical highlights of AirBox. Ideally suited for time-critical live operations. Professional device support through GPI, RS232, VDCP is also available. Redundant playout makes it perfect for fail-safe environments.

Manual, automatic, batch and scheduled capturing. The first software of its kind to enable MPEG2 and DV capturing (MPG) on DeckLink hardware platforms with plenty of capturing facilities such as RS422 or DV deck control, VU/peak audio meter and volume control. Native IEEE-1394 HDV or ASI MPEG2 TS (SD/HD) capturing and realtime UDP streaming.

CaptureBox Compliance
No more endless tape racks with compliance recordings. Everything is recorded in compact files either in standard MPEG1 or MPEG2 streams. Sophisticated clip splitting and saving into a user-definable folder structure, with customizable filenames, easy to track in any file browser. 90 days of 24/7 recording at 1 Mbit/sec takes less than a Terrabyte of inexpensive storage.

All-in-one content management. The universal metadata description tool. From archives to run-time copy, from types and categories to genres, from credits to links, DataBox maintains total content order through sophisticated set of searching and classification facilities.

Offline program schedule creation. The perfect tool for Schedule Editors. Create and edit program schedules for tomorrow, next week, next month, without any hardware requirements. The schedule creation process utilizes all the benefits of full content description, by using DataBox metadata.

SafeBox is designed with automated content management in mind. Its main purpose is to replicate remote content to local playout server folders for safe playback. It can gather content from a number of sources automatically, when new content is available at the remote locations. SafeBox can work in playlist-dependent or stand-alone mode.

Interactive on-air graphics. Delivers crisp and eye-catching on-air graphics. Multi-layered simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated logos, clocks and text templates are just a mouse click away. TitleBox provides total control during on-air session - changing texts, running speed, transitions is as easy as 1-2-3.

Targeted at Broadcasters who need TV Business Management solutions, TrafficBox has all the features for programme planning, traffic scheduling and advertising sales operations.

When PLAYBOX TrafficBox is installed and used together with the PLAYBOX Automation System, there are numerous advantages for the user as each query and command from/to the Traffic and Automation Systems is confirmed or alarmed by 2x way communication routines. This high level of integration offers numerous advantages in the overall management of the TV Channel:

- Offers the sales department to sell and insert advertisement slots down to the last minute prior to going ON-AIR
- Allows the programming department to modify active rundowns without the involvement of the MCR personnel
- Reduces the time required from the operators when going through their everyday tasks
- Eliminates chances for mistakes caused by human error
- PlayBox as single provider of complete TV Broadcast Technology represents single point of technical support and Sw/Hw maintenance

The Traffic Management system is a client-server application based on MS SQL as underlying database. The Database Server is equipped with 2x network cards whereas one of these connect to the Internet for allowing remote access via a firewall and the other connects the clients to this server via a Fast Ethernet switch. Unlimited clients can access the server via a web interface. The clients are working on the server through the network and all data is entered, saved and manipulated here. External clients can access only when the firewall was opened for their individual IP address.

TrafficBox allows new & existing broadcasters to achieve more efficient workflow.

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